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Cu work

Got on a roll tonight, and finished the copper for the upstairs bathroom (started last night), and roughed in for the toilet and laundry downstairs...

laundry (from the kitchen side


more heating/plumbing

Got a couple more circuits pulled this week, and started on some of the plumbing.

shower and vanity copper
circuit for the study - needs to be plated up yet.
south circuit for the bedroom


hi there folkses,

sorry that there's been no update for a while. Here are a few pictures of highlights from recent work.

The supply header for the underfloor heat
There's the return header below it.
The water heater up on its platform.
Better view of the plumbing
And the exhaust vent
Mark, Carly and Emily helped me pull the tub ing for one of the upstairs circuits today.
Here you can see the formed aluminum heat spreaders/reflectors used to hold the tubing up to the subfloor


minor update

well, no pictures today - not too much exciting to take pictures of anyway. Most of my time lately has been devoted to planning/getting financing, but I think I finally have a workable plan for my kitchen. Poured a pad for my water heater in the basement today, and laid out and drilled all my holes for the upstairs heating...


getting back with it - sewer rough in

Well, I've slowly been getting back into the swing of things - have my sewer about roughed in as of yesterday. Next step is to get funding in order and obtain the materials for the heating system - in the meantime, I'll be working on roughing the electric that won't be in the way of everything else.

the upstairs half bath - the stack will exit the roof here.
laundry box
In the cellar


finishing stuff up

worked on a lot of things today - katie, amanda and molly caulked and painted the west dormer, victoria helped clean up around the place and worked on sealing up the windows, matt and noah worked in the basement...

big crew today
molly and amanda paint the dormer
their handiwork

last of the windows

we worked on the rest of the windows a few days back...

front view
john and noah putting up siding
from inside...
bathroom windows in
siding all on the west dormer

finishing east side/start on west dormer

getting the exterior closer to buttoned up...

trim finished on the gable
starting on the west dormer...
east dormer all finished up